What vitamins are found in fruits and what are their benefits?

The influence and importance of vitamins in the life of each person is difficult to overestimate, but the
most useful, complex and tasty vitamins in fruits. The fact is that in natural products the content of
useful elements is not only as balanced as possible, but it is almost always absorbed with the greatest
It is known that there is a group of vitamins, the consumption of which is vitally important for humans.
These vitamins can be obtained in the form of tablets, capsules and potions, or can be made from
natural fresh fruit. And the undeniable advantage of the second method is not only the absence of
synthetic components of artificial origin but also the fact that natural vitamins in fruits are already
adapted, are "adjusted" to each other, thus their simultaneous reception is much more effective than
the one in turn.

Vitamin and Fruit Alphabet

No fruit is absolutely useless (we only consider edible fruits), all fruits contain one or another set of
vitamins. Just some fruits are rich in some vitamins, others contain a large number of others.
Vitamin A – the source of the health of bones, teeth and hair, normal cell growth and the formation of
hormones, in addition, it is the guarantor of a strong immune system and good vision. Vitamin A is rich
in fruits such as orange, apples, peaches, apricots, watermelon, melons, blackberries, avocados,

Vitamin B1 provides uninterrupted operation of the heart, nervous and muscular systems, participates
in carbohydrate metabolism. Vitamin B1 is found in oranges, grapefruit, pear, pineapple, lemon,
pineapple, mango.
Vitamin B2 is an essential element of hematopoiesis processes, and also plays an important role in the
metabolic processes of proteins, fats and carbohydrates. This vitamin is found in kiwi and avocado.
Vitamin B3 provides a healthy digestion, regulates protein and carbohydrate metabolism. Vitamin B3 is
rich in peaches, bananas, melon, watermelon, kiwi, avocado.
Vitamin B5 is involved in metabolic processes and is also necessary for the production of certain
hormones. It is found in orange citrus fruits – in orange, grapefruit, as well as in bananas and avocados.
Vitamin B6 helps to strengthen the immune system, and also participates in the formation of red blood
cells. It can be obtained from watermelons, bananas and avocados.

Vitamin B9 is an integral part of the process of cell growth, as well as the development of the human
embryo. In addition, it is an integral part of red blood cells and DNA, ensures the normal functioning of
the nervous system. Vitamin B9 is in strawberries, blackberries, oranges, bananas, kiwi.
Vitamin C protects the body from the harmful effects of free radicals, preventing the destruction of cells.
Influences the structure of blood vessels, cartilage, muscles and skin. Vitamin C is rich in yellow and
orange fruits – oranges, lemons, pomelos, apples, melons, as well as grapes, kiwi, watermelon,
Vitamin E performs a protective function, preventing the negative impact of free radicals. Participates in
the formation of blood cells, slows down the aging process. Vitamin E is found in apples, kiwi, bananas.

Vitamins in fruits – benefits without consequences

The human need for various vitamins varies with the length of life and even depending on each specific
situation. In other words, young people need one set of vitamins, and the elderly – another. People who
are engaged in manual labor need a different set of vitamins than those who are engaged in mental
Getting into any life situation that requires increased body strength, people often buy themselves
vitamins in pharmacies. However, being certainly useful and necessary in meeting some needs, these
vitamins can inadvertently strike at other properties and functions of the body.
With vitamins in fruits, this can not happen. It is physically impossible to fill the body with vitamin C
from oranges or achieve satiety with vitamin E from kiwi. Ideally balanced, containing also a complex of
useful microelements, vitamins in fruits are a reliable source of strength and human health.

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